About Arthaketu

Arthaketu began his interest in Shiatsu in 2000. This came about for a number of reasons: he had been practising meditation and buddhism for 9 years and had also began practising Aikido, had tried out some tia chi and chi gung and had done a massage weekend with Vajradaka. What all these practises had shown him was that by relaxing the body you effected the mind. The other thing that they had in common was that they worked with the energetics of the body. It was on the Tai chi and meditation retreat and the massage weekend with Vajradaka that he found out that he could experience the energy of someone else and effect this to help in the healing process.

Arthaketu’s training included working with a number of teachers including Nicola Pooley, Paul Lundberg, Daverick Leggett and Akinobo kishi. He completed his training in 2003 with the Yorkshire school of shiatsu with Julie Shearn. Since qualifying he has continued to enjoy learning more. Reading up about various topics and doing various weekend courses with people like Cifford Andrews and Carola Beresford Cooke.

In 2005 he was ordained into the Western Buddhist Order where he was given the name Arthaketu. Which means ‘leader in the meaning’ or ‘leader in the good’. Since he has been ordained he has regularly taught on the Buddhism and meditation courses and meditation courses run by the Manchester buddhist centre. One of his other interests has been Aikido and for many years he practised Aikido under Sensie Kolashnikov eventually attaining his first dan (black belt).