I turned to Shiatsu 7 months after the birth of my son. I’d had persistent headaches since the day he was born, eventually diagnosed as ‘Chronic Tension’.

After my first treatment of Shiatsu my headaches went for 2 weeks! I went on to have five further fortnightly treatments and my headaches are 98% cured. It’s just been amazing. Shiatsu is a fantastic, gentle treatment that I feel fortunate to have received. I continue to have treatments to keep me in balance and feeling energized and would definitely 100% recommend it to anyone who will listen!

— Joanne Elliot

I have experienced many holistic therapies but the thing that really struck me about Arthaketu’s shiatsu was that although physical it quietened my mind – something that I haven’t experienced before whilst receiving a treatment.

I am the sort of person that has high energy levels and high stress but during the treatment I felt light and fell asleep. This was surprising for someone with a busy and active mind. For several days after the treatment I slept really well and my energy felt balanced.

— Lorriane McCormach, Manager of Neal’s Yard Remedies in Manchester and Holistic beauty therapist

Arthaketu has a very reassuring touch. Sometimes gentle and at other times firm; however I find the pressure one of the most enjoy able aspects of this type of massage. Arthaketu will often explain the nature of his treatments as each one feels quite unique in itself.

I find Arthaketu a gentle and reassuring therapist. His calm and tender manner is most comforting. His knowledge of Chinese medicine is most helpful in my attempts to ‘Treat’ any symptoms by adjusting my diet and lifestyle.

Arthaketu also manages to create a lovely peaceful and tranquil feel to the treatment room and the treatment itself.

— Maureen McGuinness, Childrens mental health practitioner